Health Coaching

Health Coaching/ Nutritional Cleansing &

We are excited to welcome
Certified Health Coach Kathie Magzag from Feel Delicious Health Coaching to our Southington location.

Kathie provides personalized support with Nutritional Cleansing and Rebalancing which removes toxins from the body, resulting in many benefits such as:

 Optimized weight
 Maximized energy
 Increased lean muscle
 Stress reduction
 Sleep enhancement
 Clean eating lifestyle

Kathie’s programs can help improve the quality of life for clients with a variety of health conditions including:
 Thyroid Health
 Autoimmune disease support (including Hashimoto’s Thyroiditis, Multiple Sclerosis)
 Diabetes and pre-Diabetes


Meet privately with Kathie and learn how you can enjoy vibrant health! Together you will choose your ideal program and embark on your journey to your best health ever.

50 min $25 *

* Note: fee will be applied to the purchase of a Nutritional Cleansing and Re-balancing Program